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Who are AITT?

AITT is acknowledged as the UK’s premier accrediting body for workplace transport training, experiencing rapid growth and recognition.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, AITT aims to establish and uphold the highest training standards for operators, instructors, tutors, and examiners.

TL Training takes pride in its AITT accreditation for all of the FLT training courses we provide.

Why choose an AITT accredited course?

By attending our AITT-accredited forklift truck training, you gain several benefits. Successful candidates receive AITT certification, demonstrating competence in forklift operation. They also become part of the AITT Certification of Operator Registration Number Scheme (ACORNS), simplifying verification for employers.

Course Types:

We offer a variety of course types tailored to different levels of experience, ensuring that our training meets the needs of every candidate.

Who is eligible for this course?

At TL Training, we classify a ‘Novice Operator’ as an individual who either has no prior experience with forklift truck operation or has not operated one on a regular basis for an extended period (10+ years).

Who is eligible for this course?

At TL Training, we consider a ‘Refresher’ to be someone with prior experience in operating a counterbalance forklift truck and the ability to provide documented proof of previous formal training.

Who is eligible for this course?

At TL Training, an ‘Experienced Operator’ is someone who has used a forklift before but doesn’t have formal training proof. This could be because they never had formal training or cannot access their certificate. To qualify, candidates need at least 12 months of recent operating experience within the last five years.

Who is eligible for this course?

TL Training defines a ‘Conversion’ as an individual who is already a certified forklift operator and seeks to add more types of trucks to their license. To qualify, candidates must be able to provide documented evidence of their previous formal training.

This course is for candidates who want to become AITT instructors. To qualify, you need to be a certified forklift operator, pass the basic skills test on a counterbalance truck within the last 6 months, and have at least 12 months of forklift experience.

For more information about AITT or to verify a certificate, please visit their website by clicking here.