Fork Lift Truck Training

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

Pedestrian operated trucks, often referred to as POET (Pedestrian Operated Electric Truck), handles goods and pallets at ground level.

Pedestrian pallet truck training

It is designed to work on smooth floors. They can be designed for the operator to walk, stand or sit on.

Typically, pedestrian pallet trucks are used in warehouse areas and aisles, as well as loading and unloading on loading docks. Some may have extra-long forks to carry two or three pallets. There are also rough terrain variants available for construction site work.

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The course covers, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Controls and instruments
  • Starting/ moving/ stopping and steering the truck
  • Battery care and maintenance
  • Weight assessment
  • Vehicle loading/ unloading from a loading dock environment
  • Bulk and industrial pallet racking (dependent on truck type)

Course duration (based on 3 people)

Novice candidates: 9 hours / 2 days
Experienced candidates: 6.5 hours / 1 day

Refresher candidates: 4 hours / 1 day 
Conversion candidates: 5.5 hours / 1 day

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