Driver CPC – Module 4 Training & Testing

This course is suitable for all lorry, bus and coach drivers who passed a vocational driving category course after September 2009 but do not currently hold a DVSA Driver Qualification Card. Once passed you’ll be issued with Driver Qualification Card from the DVLA valid for 5 years. To keep this DQC valid beyond 5 years you’ll need to attend a 35-hour Driver CPC Periodic Training course, which can be booked as a one-day (7 hours) course say every year to spread out the cost and time off work or can be done

4 Hours
£250.00 excl. VAT


Candidates should expect for the whole process to take around 4 hours allowing for travel time to and from the DVSA Test Centre.

  • 2 hours practical training
  • Vehicle and Instructor hire for the duration of training & testing
  • DVSA Driver CPC Module 4 practical demonstration test


Candidates must be 18 or over
Already passed CPC Module 2 – Case Studies (Certification will be required as proof)