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5 Benefits of Mental Health First Aid Training in Wirral

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health first aid training in the workplace. More teams are working remotely or adopting hybrid working models, changing the nature of work and creating new challenges for teams and employees.

To support your team and prevent costly workplace incidents, you will need more than a trained physical first aider. Your team should have a mental health first aid colleague too.

Research suggests that 1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health-related problems each year. The mental health problems your team faces can have direct consequences for your business. Further evidence suggests that, in the UK alone, 12.7% of all sickness absence days can be attributed to mental-health-related conditions.

An accredited Mental Health First Aid course can teach you how to identify the symptoms of mental ill-health. Your Wirral mental health first aider will be the go-to-person for any colleague that is struggling. Having a trained person on hand to talk to can also positively impact your team’s overall wellbeing.

But how else can mental health first aid training in Wirral benefit your business? Let’s take a look at five benefits of mental health first aid training for your employees and business.

1. Create Awareness About Mental Health

Starting the conversation about mental health is difficult for employees in some working environments. When people struggle to ask for help, they cannot live healthy, balanced lifestyles, which will undoubtedly impact their workplace productivity.

We should treat our minds in the same way as we treat our bodies, which means recognising when we are not feeling right or need help from a trained professional. By investing in mental health first aid for your workforce, you will be creating awareness about mental health that will contribute to a more positive working environment.

2. Recognise Potential Workplace Mental Health Triggers

Having a professionally trained mental health first aider at your Wirral workplace will help you and your team identify signs of poor mental health sooner rather than later.

As with any physical injury, it is better to identify and treat mental illness before it becomes more harmful. A dedicated, trained colleague can help your team members spot any signs of mental ill-health, which will allow you to reduce any workplace pressures where possible. Your support will further encourage your employees to get the help they need whenever they need it.

3. Positive Working Environment

It’s a well-known fact that a healthier workforce leads to a healthier business. According to recent research, the UK could save approximately £8 billion annually by implementing better mental health support initiatives in the workplace.

Providing your team with access to professional mental health services through mental health first aid will support your business and employees. The training can help foster a sustainable organisational culture that encourages personal development.

Prioritising your team’s mental health will demonstrate your business’ commitment to your team’s wellbeing. The commitment you display can drive up employee satisfaction levels and improve performance.

4. Mindful Leadership

Being mindful of your own mental wellbeing as a leader in your company will help you support your team members and lead them to greater heights.

Completing a mental health first aid course is the first step to building a positive mental health awareness and mindful leadership culture. Once you have accessed high-quality mental health training, you will be better positioned to effectively assess your own mental health and manage your team.

5. Create a Resilient Workplace

When you consciously start investing in mental health first aid training for your Wirral-based company, you will be providing your business with a resilient platform from which you can grow your company.

People who are struggling with their mental health in silence are less likely to contribute to your team’s objectives in the way they would like to. Up to 80% of people experiencing mental health issues have difficulty concentrating, which will inevitably influence their work performance.

By investing in mental health first aid training for your Wirral business, you will help your team receive support when they need it, helping them keep on track when issues flare up. When employees know that they have that support network in place, it makes your team far more resilient and enhances their ability to bounce back or manage episodes on an ongoing basis.

Why Choose Mental Health First Aid Training from TL Training?

At TL Training, we understand the importance of having a healthy workforce. Over the years, we have helped businesses of all sizes create safe working environments through accredited workplace first aid training. One of the accredited training courses we encourage our clients to take is mental health first aid training. We know just how beneficial this specific training course can be for any workplace.

TL Training is an experienced Wirral workplace training provider. If you’re ready to support your team with mental health first aid training from an industry expert, we can help. Whether your team is working remotely or on-site, our online health and safety training can give you the tools to support your team.

Contact us today on 0151 343 0588 or email us at [email protected], and one of our experienced team members will answer any questions you may have.