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Bonfire Night First Aid

A bonfire night is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Although lighting fireworks and sparkles can seem fun, there is always an element of risk that you need to be prepared for. With firework-related injuries on the rise, it is crucial that you know bonfire night first aid. This post shares the top first aid tips for ensuring that you and your friends remain safe. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the tips.

Cool the Burn under Running Water

Catching a burn during bonfire night is a sure buzz kill. However, it is important that you act fast to deal with this unfortunate event. The best thing that you can do is cool the burn under running water for over 10 minutes. It will help cool down the burn. Always place the injury under cold water. When you cool the burn, it helps reduce the pain and the risk of swelling or scarring. The faster you cool down the burn, the less impact it will have.

Make Use of Cling Film

To keep the burned skin clean, you need to use cling film. Once you have cooled the burn, it is vital that you cover it with a clean plastic bag or a cling film. It will help prevent infection by ensuring that the area remains clean. Plastic bags and cling film make for an ideal covering as they do not stick to the burn and keep air from the surface of the skin to reduce pain.

Do Not Remove Burnt Gloves

Now, if someone is burnt through any type of clothing such as gloves, you should not remove the clothing if it is stuck to the burn. If you do so, it would only cause more damage. Instead, it is best that you cool down the burn by running cold water through the glove. Make sure to keep the water running for a minimum of ten minutes. Then, you should seek medical treatment. However, if the glove is not stuck to the burn, it might be better if you remove it.

Always Carry Water with You

The importance of carrying water with you at a bonfire night cannot be stressed enough. It is a crucial first aid tip that you cannot afford to forget. When at a bonfire, you might not always be within the reach of running water. Hence, you should always carry water with you throughout your time. However, if you do not have access to water, you will need to use any cold liquid for cooling the burn such as milk, beer, or juice. The secret to treating the burn is cooling the burn as quickly as possible.

Call 999

If the burn requires urgent medical treatment, you need to contact 999 immediately. Keep in mind that you will need to seek medical advice if a baby or child has been burned.


Now that you know everything about bonfire night first aid, you can go and enjoy your bonfire night.

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