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Why You Should Consider Taking A First Aid Course

Everyone knows that first aid can mean the difference between life and death in grave situations. So why are so many people reluctant to take a course? According to a Red Cross survey, 59% of deaths caused by injury could have been prevented had first aid been given before emergency services arrived. That’s a staggering amount of unnecessary fatalities.

Accidents happen all the time, and leaving yourself unequipped with the necessary knowledge to save a loved one’s life can mean tragedy. Taking a first aid course is simple – you’ll learn everything you need to know within hours, and you’ll be confidently able to act in critical situations.

We’ve listed below some of the biggest reasons why you should consider taking a first aid course.

First Aid is Likely to Save a Person’s Life

Perhaps the most obvious reason on the list, but undoubtedly the most important one. Ambulance response times rose dramatically in March 2020, with victims of accidents having to wait 45% longer to receive aid. Those extra few minutes can be life-threatening, but that threat can be greatly reduced if someone is onhand to administer first aid.

First Aid Will Help a Casualty Recover More Quickly

The sooner first aid is administered following an accident, the better chance the victim has of surviving and recovering quickly. Early action can significantly reduce the time they need to spend in hospital, and can prevent them from developing a permanent disability.

Even simple first aid techniques, such as applying pressure to a bleeding wound, can greatly increase the chances of a swift recovery.

A First Aid Course Will Make You Feel More in Control

Unfortunately, accidents happen every single day, and they often leave untrained bystanders feeling panicked, helpless and guilty. By taking a first aid course, you’ll become accustomed to the protocol of what to do when disaster strikes. You’ll be able to keep your cool, administer aid, communicate clearly with emergency services, and calm the victim down.

All of the above aspects are crucial when dealing with an emergency, and can significantly increase the chances of the casualty’s recovery.

They’ll Make You More Prepared as a Parent

Children are always having accidents, and though the majority of them are small, you don’t want to leave yourself unprepared for anything worse. According St. John’s Ambulance, 80% of parents said they wouldn’t have a clue how to deal with a medical emergency. What’s worse, 57% of parents said they’d leave their child injured until an ambulance arrived, something that could mean serious implications for their child’s life. Familiarising yourself with first aid protocol can increase your confidence as a parent, and perhaps even some day save a child’s life.

So there you have it – the three biggest reasons why you should consider taking (or refreshing) your first aid course. Keeping your fingers crossed simply won’t cut it in a life or death situation, but first aid might.

If you’re living on the Wirral and would like to enquire about our first aid courses, then get in touch. We want to help you be prepared for anything.