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Everything You Need To Know About First Aid

First aid refers to providing medical care in case of an emergency. It focuses on the use of life-saving techniques which just about any person can learn to use. First aid is provided with minimal equipment. Even if you have no previous medical experience, you can still offer support. Keep in mind that first aid Wirral is not considered as medical treatment and is in no way an alternative to receiving medical care from a trained medical expert. First aid mostly involves common sense and the use of simple procedures.

Objectives of First Aid

When you receive first aid training Wirral, the main focus will be on the following objectives.

  • Promote Recovery: One of the main objectives of first aid is to promote recovery. Steps must be taken to ensure that the injured or ill person can recover. It includes applying a bandage.
  • To Prevent Any Further Harm: It is of paramount importance that the person who is suffering from the injury is kept stable. Their condition should be closely monitored so that it does not deteriorate. Make sure to wait until professional medical services arrive. Some of the things that you can do include keeping the person warm and dry, using first aid techniques, preventing any harm to the individual, and ensuring that the wounds do not continue to bleed by applying pressure.
  • To Preserve Life: The main objective of first aid is to save lives.

How Can You Practice First Aid?

When it comes to first aid, the most common term that you might hear is ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation). These terms are outlined as follows:

  • Airway: The first thing that you need to do is ensure that the airway is clear. Do not let the person choke as it is fatal. Help them out.
  • Breathing: After you have checked to confirm that the airways are clear, you need to find out if the individual can breathe. You should offer rescue breathing if needed.
  • Circulation: Provide rescue breathing and chest compressions to the individual if he or she is not breathing. Circulation is promoted through chest compressions. It helps save crucial time. It is important to check the pulse in case of a non-life-threatening emergency.


The experience and training received by the first aider allow them to evaluate and maintain the ABC of the patient. Once the ABC has been properly secured, you can focus on providing any additional treatment. Although the ABC steps mentioned should be followed one after the other, it is common for two steps to be performed simultaneously as well at times. It is the case when offering chest compressions and rescue breathing to a person who has no pulse and is not breathing.

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