First Aid Acronyms – CLAP


We can never predict when we may need to use first aid. We could be at home, at work, in the street, or in a public place e.g. shopping centre. If we happen to witness, or stumble upon an accident then we need to act fast. CLAP is a way to think about initial accident scene management. Look for hazards and anything that may cause harm to yourself, children or bystanders in the immediate area.

What Does CLAP Stand For?

Control The Situation

Stop at the scene and keep calm. Do not panic and make sure others are calm. As well as those involved in the accident make sure that yourself and other bystanders are safe.

Look For Potential Hazards

Look for anything that could cause further harm to anyone, including yourself. Identifying hazards at this point will prevent the situation from worsening.

Assess The Situation

Try to build up a picture of what happened by gathering as much information as possible. Ask bystanders and the casualties, if possible, to tell you what has happened. Use the principles of history, signs and symptoms to help you do this.

Protect And Prioritise

Protect yourself and others from further harm. Prioritise casualties depending on the severity of their injuries. You may need to call for further help from emergency services. This is where CLAP will prove to be useful as you can provide the emergency services with the relevant information necessary.

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