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First Aid In Chester

At TL Training we think that first aid is a skill that is essential to anyone, any age, working in any industry. We can never predict when someone is going to fall ill, sustain an injury, or have a life threatening accident but we can prepare ourselves to deal with these situations in the best way possible.

We offer a number of first aid courses to those living in Chester and the surrounding area. We run courses for candidates of all levels. We are confident that this will be one of the most valuable training sessions you ever attend. You will learn essential skills that will allow you to preserve life, prevent conditions from worsening, and to promote recovery.

First Aid Courses In Chester

1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course in Chester

It is recommended that at least 1 person for every 50 people in a low risk workplace is first aid trained. Employers must also ensure that someone can take over this responsibility in the event of absence.  The course will provide candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with certain situations which may occur within the workplace. The course will cover many topics including dealing with individuals who are choking, bleeding heavily, unresponsive, and many more. For more information on our emergency first aid at work course please visit our website or get in touch.

3 Day First Aid at Work Course in Chester

It is recommended that there is one first aider for every fifty employees in a medium to high risk workplace. This course covers many of the topics highlighted in the 1 day emergency first aid at work course, and also covers treatment for a variety of different injuries and medical conditions. As well as the basic care needed to treat minor injuries and illnesses, candidates attending this course will also learn how to assist casualties who are experiencing a heart attack, stroke, severe allergic reaction, asthma attack and much more.

2 Day First Aid at Work Re-qualification Course in Chester

This course is designed for those who are already qualified in first aid, who need to renew their qualification. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 state that first aiders must renew their qualification every 3 years, in order to meet statutory guidelines. Candidates must provide their original first aid certificate as proof of re-qualification. The aim of this course is to refresh candidates existing knowledge and inform them of any changed to protocols.

First Aid Annual Refresher Course in Chester

All qualified first aiders are recommended to attend an annual 3 hour refresher course, including candidates who have taken both the 1 day, and the 3 day first aid at work training course. The course is designed to ensure first aiders are still able to confidently carry out appropriate first aid (especially if they have not had the opportunity to use these skills in real life). The course will also inform candidates of any changes to protocols.

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Course in Chester

This course is designed for those responsible for caring for young children. We recommend this course to individuals working in nurseries, schools, after school clubs, or caring for children within their own homes (childminders etc). This course meets Ofsted Early Years and Childcare Register requirements. As looking after other people’s children is a huge responsibility, we want to provide carers with the best training possible in order to make sure that they are fully equipped to deal with any situation which may arise. The course covers many topics including caring for a child who is choking, bleeding, burnt, having a seizure, and much more.

Mental Health First Aid Course in Chester

This course is an internationally recognised training course. It is designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health illness and how to help those in need. Throughout this course, candidates will gain a wealth of knowledge on mental health and how to spot the signs and triggers, as well as the skills necessary to reassure and support someone in distress. The training is split up into 4 sections covering a number of topics. The course is designed to help candidates maintain a non-judgemental approach to mental health and to feel confident in stepping forward to support those suffering from mental health illness.

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