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Food Hygiene Training In Wirral

Food hygiene and safety training is essential for any establishment serving food to the public. Cooking and food storage areas must be clean and the appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that food is cooked safely and correctly.

TL Training provides a number of food hygiene and safety courses that focus on these 4 main elements: cleaning, storing, preparing and cooking.

Food borne illness is extremely common, but extremely preventable. Bacteria, viruses and parasites found in food can cause food poisoning, causing those who contract it to become particularly unwell. Whether you are preparing food in your own home, or manufacturing it, it is vital that the highest food hygiene and safety standards are met in order to prevent the development of such illness’.

Level 1 – Introduction to food safety

This introductory course gives beginners an insight into the world of food safety. Gives awareness of the hazards involved in handling food poorly and explains food preparation and safe cooking practices.

Level 2 – Foundation certificate in food safety

Level 2 is aimed for those directly responsible for preparing and serving food directly to the consumers.

Level 3 – Intermediate certificate in food safety

For managers and supervisors within the food industry who require a broad understanding of food safety control and have responsibility for developing and maintaining an appropriate food safety management system.

Each course level supports progression offering transferable skills for either working or managing in the food handling, preparation, storage or manufacturing environment.

The course covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Food contamination, hazards and controls
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food borne disease
  • Food premises and equipment
  • Food safety legislation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting 

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