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HGV Training In Wirral

HGV Training Courses In Wirral

There is a huge demand for HGV drivers in the UK. The logistics sector is one of the only fields that continuously sees growth year on year, meaning drivers are constantly in demand. If the idea of travelling and operating a lorry appeals to you, then it could be a great career option. Most HGV roles also offer an excellent salary. However, you must first complete the necessary training in order to be considered for such job opportunities.

In order to become a HGV driver, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a full driving license. Most companies require drivers to complete the correct training in order to ensure the safety of the driver and the load, as well as others on the road.

TL Training has an expert team of trainers who have years of experience within the driving industry. We provide HGV training in Wirral and across the surrounding areas.

Our HGV Training Courses In Wirral

Category C In Wirral

The category C is a smaller truck, normally used for making local deliveries. (Also known as rigid vehicles). The average category C vehicle is 18 tonnes. Category C holders are able to drive any LGV without a trailer. Once candidates have passed their category C training, their license can be upgraded with the C + E provisional entitlement, allowed them to begin the next level of training.

Category C1 In Wirral

If you passed your car driving test prior to January 1997, you will have acquired rights. This means you are already entitled to drive such vehicles. If you passed your car test after this date, you will not have these rights. Category C1 vehicles include ambulances, horseboxes, delivery trucks and home removal trucks.

Category C + E In Wirral

This category of HGV license has the highest salary potential. Category C + E drivers also often have the opportunity to drive abroad. This vehicle is commonly known as an Artic or Class 1 or an HGV. This is the largest vehicle you can drive in the HGV industry. Drivers must have attained their Category C license in order to begin this training.

Category C1 + E In Wirral

If you already have a Category C1 license, and you want to tow more weight without retraining on a larger vehicle then this training course is for you. Holding this license allows you to drive a total of 12 tonnes in a vehicle weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. Some of the vehicles that this license enables you to drive include removal trucks with additional trailer space, vehicles towing large caravans, boats and other heavy machinery.

Module 4 DCPC Practical Safety Demonstration In Wirral

This course will be carried out by a TL Training registered DSA examiner. You will be required to demonstrate competence when carrying out a number of security checks on your vehicle. You will be observed by an examiner. You are able to bring your own suitable vehicle (C1/C/C+E/D1 or D) with you to the test. You will be required to show your driving license and module 2 certificates.

Yard Shunter Training In Wirral

This course aims to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on site by teaching drivers to carry out safe manoeuvres and respond to the recommended code of signals. You will be required to carry out manoeuvres such as reversing, trailer coupling and uncoupling and be aware of the company’s safety procedures.

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