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How Do I Become A Forklift Truck Driver?

Finding your unique talent can be a complicated journey, but there’s a job out there for everyone.

While becoming a forklift driver might not have been something you’ve always dreamed of, it’s an incredibly rewarding (and recession-proof) job.

Forklift drivers play a vital role in the economy, working with a variety of industries to build infrastructure and aid warehouse operations.

The average UK salary for forklift operators is £21,094 and the job brings with it the chance for higher pay-rates with experience.

With plenty of hours available and a constant stream of vacancies, it can certainly be a career to count on. If you don’t mind shift work and desire flexibility when it comes to your free time, this kind of job might just be perfect for you.

So, how do you become a forklift driver?

Here’s a few simple steps to prepare you for the job.

Enrol On a Forklift Training Course

Getting trained up as a forklift driver is a really easy and simple process. Since you cannot legally operate the vehicle without a license, it’s obviously recommended that you get the official green light of training before going job hunting. Some employers will have programmes that allow training on the job, however you’re much more likely to succeed in your search if you’re already fully prepped.

Once you’ve enrolled with an accredited training provider, you’ll be educated over a period of 3 to 6 days on everything you need to know about forklift truck driving.

You’ll learn the important guidelines of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation, and also receive a practical education so you’re ready to drive on the job. From basic manoeuvring to operating with pallets and complex loads, you’ll be fully equipped to deal with any situations you’re faced with.

Training usually consists of two parts – theory and practical – which will give you a well-rounded knowledge base to get started with. Of course, lots of things you’ll need to master can be learned on the job, but your introductory training is required to keep you and others safe.

Get Your License

Following your forklift training, the next step is to get your license. Much like a regular driving test, the route to getting a license involves both a theory test and an evaluation of your practical skills. This ensures you’ve learnt enough to be able to enter the workplace and excel in your role as a forklift driver.

Once you’ve passed, you’ll get your license straight away and will be ready to head out and secure your forklift job!

It really is that simple.

If you’re looking for accessible and focused forklift truck training in the Wirral, get in touch today. With us, you can drive yourself to success and start your journey to a career full of opportunities.