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How Long Does A Wirral First Aid Training Qualification Last?

Many Wirral first aiders are uncertain about when they should renew their qualification. Some are unaware that the certification you worked hard to achieve the first time around expires.

So, how long is a first aid qualification valid for?

When you complete your Wirral workplace first aid course or emergency first aid course, you will be awarded a certificate that is valid for three years. However, the HSE recommends refreshing your first aid skills annually by completing a first aid refresher course.

To renew your first aid qualification, you will have to take a refresher course within 28 days of your qualification’s expiration date. Upon completion of the refresher course, you will be awarded a new certificate of attendance.

There are different first aid qualifications, with different training programs and renewal requirements. But when should your Wirral first aid qualification be renewed? Below we discuss the different types of first aid certificates and when you should renew them.

What are the Different Types of Wirral First Aid Qualifications?

The emergency first aid course and the first aid at work training course are the two main types of training courses that your Wirral workforce can choose from.

The correct course for you will depend on the level of skill of your prospective workplace first aiders, the level of risks and potential dangers employees face at your workplace. Once you have assessed these factors, you will have a clearer understanding of which course is ideal for your workforce and how many first aiders you will need onsite.

According to the HSE first aid recommendations, there should be at least one appropriately qualified first aider for every 50 workers. Even if your business is smaller than this and you run a low-risk operation, one of your team members should have a first aid qualification. Parents and people who work with children under the age of 8 may need a paediatric first aid qualification.

Why Do First Aid Qualifications Expire?

The skills you learn at a first aid training course in Wirral will stay with you for a lifetime, so why do the qualifications expire?

Many people with first aid qualifications often find the idea of completing refresher courses every three years bothersome. But this isn’t the same as getting an official certification such as your driving licence. Unlike driving, you won’t use your first aid skills on a daily basis. If you got your driver’s license and never drove for months or years on end, you would need a refresher course too.

According to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, your employer must provide you with immediate care when you are injured at work. The first aid qualification is the best way to ensure that the HSE’s legislative requirements are met. First aid qualifications expire to ensure that qualification holders maintain their skills.

Life-saving skills such as CPR should never be second-guessed or difficult to recall during an emergency. Renewing your first aid skills annually ensures that you can correctly administer the skills you have learnt when it matters most.

How Exactly Do You Renew Your First Aid Qualification?

Once you have completed your first aid training course in Wirral, you won’t have to jump through hoops to keep it. Renewing your first aid qualification is convenient and straightforward.

When it comes to renewing your first aid qualification, timing is important. You can register for a first aid refresher course from 90 days before your first aid certificate expires. When the first aid course is completed, the new certificate will affect the date that your old qualification expires.

To renew your first aid qualification, you will only need to complete a three-hour refresher training course. However, if your first aid certificate is left for 28 days or more after its expiration date, you will have to complete the initial course again.

Choose First Aid Refresher Training From HABC-Accredited TL Training

Completing an annual three-hour first aid refresher course is a great way to retain life savings skills such as how to treat an unconscious patient, deal with wounds and shock, and deliver CPR. To keep your workplace safe, the HSE strongly suggests that you complete a first aid refresher course annually.

The training facility you choose should be accredited and experienced. TL Training is HABC accredited and provides a broad spectrum of first aid training courses such as mental health first aid training.

We provide expert first aid courses in Wirral and areas around the UK. For more information about our courses, get in touch with us on 0151 343 0588 or email us at [email protected].