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Mental Health First Aid In Chester

Mental Health Awareness is something that is thankfully becoming talked about more and more. People are beginning to discuss their feelings more openly and stories relating to mental health are being shared more widely across the media.

Though this is the case, sadly many individuals are still suffering and do not know where to turn. A study conducted by Samaritans concluded that deaths by suicide increased by 11.8% in 2018 in the UK. In another study, The Children’s Society found that nearly a quarter of 14 year old girls had self-harmed in the last year.

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.

TL Training run mental health first aid courses in Chester and across the surrounding areas, for businesses and individuals. The aim of the course is to provide candidates with the ability to recognise when someone is suffering from a mental health illness and to have the confidence to guide and support these individuals.

Our Mental Health training is split up into 4 stages. Sessions include a mixture of group activities, presentations and discussions.

Session 1:

This session focuses on what mental health is and the mental health first aid action plan. You will also learn about depression, the symptoms and the risk factors.

Session 2:

This session will include discussions surrounding suicide, alcohol and drug use, first aid for depression, and non-judgemental listening skills.

Session 3:

Session 3 covers the topic of anxiety disorders. You will become familiar with the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders, how to treat these disorders. Other topics include self-harm, eating disorders and personality disorders.

Session 4:

The final session focuses on issues surrounding psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. You will learn about the treatment and recovery for these disorders.

Upon completion of this course, candidates will have an in-depth knowledge of mental ill health and how to support those who are suffering. Candidates will be provided with a manual which they can refer to whenever they need, a mental health workbook and a certificate.

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