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How To Provide First Aid

If you want to help people around, you should learn how to provide first aid. This post looks at how you can provide first aid to people suffering from different issues. First Aid Wirral allows you to help your loved ones and people you encounter.

First Aid for Burns

If someone has just suffered from a third-degree burn, you should contact 999 as soon as possible. Professional medical assistance should be sought in the following situations.

  • • Where the burns cover a large area.
  • • When the burns are located on the feet, hands, buttocks, groin, or face of the individual.
  • • The burns were caused by contact with electricity or chemicals.

Moreover, you can run cool water over the area that has been affected for about 10-15 minutes if it is a minor burn. You can also apply a cool compress if that is not possible. However, you should never apply ice to the burned tissue as it would only cause further damage. You can provide the individual with an over-the-counter pain reliever. Reduce discomfort by applying aloe vera gel or lidocaine to the burnt region. An antibiotic ointment should be used to prevent infection.

First Aid CPR

If someone collapses or is unconscious, you should immediately contact 999. If you feel that the area is safe, you can approach the unconscious person and start CPR. You do not need to have formal training in CPR as you can always rely on hands-only CPR as it will help keep the person alive until medical help arrives. This is how you can provide hands-only CPR to treat an adult.

  • • Put your hands on the person’s chest. One hand should be on top of the other.
  • • Start pressing down repeatedly to compress the chest. Aim for about 100-200 compressions a minute.
  • • Provide chest compressions until you the professional team tells you to stop.

First Aid For A Bee Sting

Sometimes, a bee sting can also be a medical emergency. If you see that the person has an allergic reaction, you should contact 999. Moreover, if the person has an EpiPen, you should help them use it. Let them know that you have called for help and that everyone will be fine.

Moreover, if there are no signs of an allergic reaction after being stung by the bee, you can treat the person without having to seek professional help. This is possible by using a credit card to gently scrape off the stinger from the skin. It will get it off. After it has been removed, you should gently wash the area and apply soap. You should use a cool compress to help reduce the pain. Calamine lotion is perfect for treating pain or itching from the sting. Moreover, baking soda can be added to water to create a paste that can be applied throughout the day.


When you follow the first aid steps mentioned in this post, you will be able to help people around you.

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