reach truck training course in wirral

Reach Truck Training In Wirral

Reach Trucks are designed to be used in narrow aisles. The drive wheel is located under the operators seating and the truck has two outer legs that distribute the load weight. Reach trucks operate differently to counterbalance trucks as they are able to reach forward once they have lifted a load. They offer maximum lift height and are predominately used to move items from shelf to shelf inside the warehouse (vertically and horizontally). Reach trucks are intended to be used indoors rather than outdoors, due to the fact that its low under-carriage clearance can cause issues on uneven outdoor surfaces.

The reach truck training course will provide you with the skills necessary to operate the machine safely and efficiently, as well as giving you the knowledge to ensure you can carry out pre-use inspections. Our comprehensive course will increase your safety awareness and operational efficiency to ensure you are able to manoeuvre the machine without harm and confidently.

TL Training provides the reach truck training course in Wirral and across the surrounding area’s. Our educators are proficient in their training capabilities and run highly interactive and informative sessions.

Some topics covered in this course include:

  • > Lift truck controls and instruments
  • > Starting/moving/steering/stopping the truck
  • > Operation of hydraulic controls
  • > Battery care
  • > Weight assessment
  • > Handling laden and unladen pallets
  • > Driving on/off ramps and inclines
  • > Stacking and de-stacking
  • > The operators safety code

Course duration (based on 3 people)

Novice candidates: 32.5 hours/5 days

Experienced candidates: 19.5 hours/3 days

Refresher candidates: 6.5 hours/1 day

Conversion candidates: 13 hours/2 days

Course Dates

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