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The Best First Aid Tips for the Workplace

Governments across the globe have enacted strict legislation to ensure that organisations provide a safe working environment for their employees. Thus, companies must make it a priority to offer a workplace environment that is safe. Despite the safety precautions at work, it is still common for accidents to occur from time to time. Workers can easily get injured in case of an accident. Hence, it is crucial for employees to know basic first aid. Quick thinking and awareness go a long way in helping prevent injuries and accidents. The first aid tips outlined in this blog post will help boost safety in the workplace.

1. Do Not Panic, Stay Calm

Most injuries and accidents at work are only further aggravated due to hasty decisions made by colleagues. When an employee sees an incident, he or she should remain calm and composed. It will allow the employee to make the right decision and help the staff member who is injured.

2. Have a Person-In-Charge

Every department needs to have a person-in-charge who would be trained in first aid. Every employee should know about the person-in-charge in their department and they should come to them in case an accident arises. During an emergency situation, they should be promptly notified. Make sure to call 999 if there is a head injury, loss of consciousness, or severe bleeding.

3. Evaluate the Situation

Before anyone attempts to help the injured person, the situation should be first evaluated to see if there is a safety hazard. Look out for burning equipment, exposed power lines, spilt liquid, and cluttered materials. One has to prioritise their own safety before they proceed to help the person injured.

4. Try to Make the Person Injured Feel Comfortable

As you wait for help to arrive, you should try to make the co-worker feel comfortable. Clear all the equipment at the scene and get bystanders out of the way. Keep an eye on the person to ensure that they are breathing properly. You can also talk to them to make them feel more comfortable.

5. Apply Pressure on Wounds and Cuts

If there is bleeding, you should use a clean cloth or bandage to cover the wound or cut. Do apply pressure to the area to prevent bleeding. The injured person should not lose a lot of blood. Place a cloth on the cut to contain the bleeding. On the other hand, if something is stuck in the wound, you should not remove it. Continue to apply pressure until help arrives.

6. Be Extra Cautious With Back Injuries

When it comes to head and back injuries, you need to be extra cautious. Do not try to move the injured person as you could end up injuring their spine. Any small movement can easily worsen the injury. Make sure that the person stays in the same position while you contact help.

7. Maintain a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is crucial. It is useful in emergencies. There should be a first aid kit at the office. It should be fully stocked with disposable gloves, cotton, rubbing alcohol, band-aids, and other first aid items.

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