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Very Narrow Aisle Truck Training In Wirral

VNA Fork Lift Truck Training In Wirral

Just as the name suggests, the very narrow aisle truck is designed to operate in very narrow aisles. They are used for stacking loads, medium or high level order picking or in some instances both functions. These trucks are usually only steered by the operator when transferring from one stacking aisle to another. Once in the aisle the trucks are automatically guided by wire or rail.

How Can A VNA Fork Lift Truck Be Operated?

There are two ways in which VNA trucks can be operated

  • Man down: when the operator remains at ground level
  • Man up: where the operator goes up with the forks and load, thus making it quicker and easier to deposit/retrieve stock


To operate one of these trucks, you must receive the appropriate training in order to acquire your certificate.

TL Training provide VNA fork lift truck training in Wirral and across the surrounding areas. Our expert team will offer you full support throughout the informative and jargon free course. This course will inform candidates of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as the operator’s safety code.

What Does The VNA Course Cover?

The very narrow aisle truck training course will cover the following topics:

  • • An introduction to very narrow aisle trucks
  • • Driving the truck
  • • Operation of the hydraulics
  • • Battery care and maintenance
  • • Picking up and setting down
  • • Loading with the man up function
  • • How to handle awkward loads

Course duration

(Based on three adults)

  • • Novice: 37.5 hours / 5 days
  • • Experienced: 20 hours / 3 days
  • • Refresher: 7.5 hours / 1 day
  • • Conversion: 15 hours / 2 days

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