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Why Parents and Carers Should Consider Taking a Paediatric First Aid Course

If you’re a parent or carer, you’ll be well used to putting someone else’s life before your own. But what do you do in those situations where your child or dependent is in danger and you aren’t qualified to help? It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but 59% of parents said they wouldn’t feel confident enough to try and save a life, not even if it was their own child.

Taking a paediatric first aid course will do wonders for your confidence as both a carer and a parent. It can mean the difference between life and death in critical situations, and will enable you to tackle any emergency while remaining calm and collected.

Our mission is to provide you with the skills you need to deal with accidents, and increase the chances of the victim’s survival. Here’s why you should consider taking our pediatric first aid course.

You’ll Learn How To Deal With The Most Common Child Accidents

It’s no secret that children are always having accidents, but are you aware of the most common causes of injury? Our course aims to increase your awareness of the most common accidents that children are involved in. According to ROSPA, most home accidents are preventable through increased awareness. Ergo, staying alert to these potential hazards will help you to reduce your child’s or dependent’s vulnerability.

It’ll Increase Your Confidence as a Parent

Parenting can be stressful enough without worrying about what you would do should your child be involved in an accident. A paediatric first aid course is specifically tailored to give you the knowledge and skills you need to act as a parent in an emergency situation. You’re likely to be the first person on the scene if your child or dependent gets hurt. For this reason alone, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well prepared and are able to remain calm and confident for their sake.

Paediatric First Aid Isn’t the Same as Regular First Aid

Just as you wouldn’t speak to a child like you would an adult, you have to tailor your approach to first aid. Children’s bones are still developing, and so the way you administer CPR is totally different from how you would with an adult. Kids are also more susceptible to panic and anxiety, which can intensify the severity of a situation. Scrubbing up on your kid-friendly first aid knowledge will help you keep the child calm and potentially save their life.

When it comes to children, accidents are an inevitability. Preparing yourself for these moments will not only reward you with a greater sense of ease, but you may well one day be able to save a child’s life.

If you’re living on the Wirral and would like to enquire about our paediatric first aid course, then get in touch. Accidents will happen, and we want to help you feel confident and in control when they arise.