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What Can You Expect to Learn on a Wirral First Aid Course?

First aid training is comfortably one of the most beneficial courses your employees will complete. In the event of an emergency, a well-trained workforce will have the knowledge and confidence to provide life-saving assistance to anyone who needs it.

According to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981, all employers must ensure that there is appropriate first aid equipment and an adequate number of qualified first aiders on-site.

And yet, despite the benefits of first aid and the associated legal requirements, some Wirral business owners are still hesitant when it comes to getting their staff trained. Many don’t quite understand just how much you can learn when attending one of the numerous accredited Wirral first aid courses offered by TL Training.

So, what will your employees learn on a first aid course?

What Life-Saving Skills Will You Learn From First Aid Training?

First aid training can teach you potentially life-saving techniques that can reduce pain and increase an injured person’s chances of recovery. These skills include administering CPR, treating heavy or catastrophic bleeding, treating a burn, and much more.

Employees can also take courses that teach participants to treat mental health issues. During the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of offices have adopted remote or hybrid working models. As a result, employee mental health has become a particular concern for many businesses. A mental health first aid course can teach staff members how to provide support to members of your team who need it.

The HSE first aid guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic further underline the importance of addressing and receiving professional training covering all types of health-related issues.

How Long Is A First Aid Course?

First aid courses are generally one to three days long. Employers can choose between a one-day emergency course, a two-day requalification course, three-day first aid at work course, or an annual refresher course.

A one-day emergency first aid course is designed for nominated first aiders who work in low-risk environments. The HSE suggests that there is at least one nominated first aider for every fifty employees. In this course, learners are taught to assist someone who is unresponsive, having a seizure, choking, bleeding heavily, suffering from shock, or burnt.

The three-day first aid course is for any staff member who wants to become the designated first aider at their office for the purposes of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981. In addition to the emergency procedures taught in the one-day course, learners will also be trained in helping someone who has been poisoned, has a head injury, hypothermia, and more.

Which Wirral First Aid Course Is Right For My Workforce?

The first aid course you choose will depend on your workforce’s size and level of training. A significant contributing factor to the level of training needed is the level of risk posed by the working environment.

Low-risk environments are generally areas where there are fewer employees. If your office, café or shop is small, with relatively few people working or visiting, the risk of incidents is considered low. According to health and safety experts, workplaces with multiple departments and floors, personnel involved in manual labour, or extended operating hours are deemed to be high-risk environments.

To choose the right first aid for your workforce, you should consult an experienced first aid training company, such as TL Training, to advise you on the best first aid course for your Wirral-based organisation.

Why Choose TL Training Wirral For First Aid Training?

At TL Training, we know that making sense of the HSE legislation can sometimes be challenging. Knowing what is adequate and appropriate according to the law is not always clear to all employers. We have helped many companies in different sectors to meet and exceed the HSE first aid legal requirements.

Our first aid training courses have also helped many Wirral-based to keep their workforce prepared for any emergency that could arise. We offer several different quality HABC-accredited courses that are delivered by highly experienced instructors who are experts in their respective fields.

Get in touch with us today if your Wirral organisation needs any help with first aid training. One of our experienced team members will be more than happy to help you choose the right course for your business needs.