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5 Reasons Why Wirral First Aid Courses Are an Excellent Investment

No one can predict when a workplace accident or emergency will occur. Wirral business owners take many precautions to ensure that their offices are safe for employees and customers, yet regular first aid training can be overlooked.

To some business owners in Wirral, first aid training is not a priority. However, having a designated first aider on-site for your workplace is a legal requirement and holds many benefits for your employees too.

A first aid course led by a highly qualified medical professional will give your team members the knowledge and confidence needed to respond if an emergency arises. It will teach your staff life-saving skills that can benefit members of the public too.

So, why is first aid training essential for your Wirral employee? Here are five reasons you should be investing in high-quality first aid training.

1. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Law Compliance

According to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981, every workplace in the UK must have a qualified first aider on-site. Business owners should also ensure that the appropriate equipment is available to support first aid if a medical emergency occurs.

Despite these clear regulations, some businesses still treat accredited first aid training as optional and not a legal requirement.

Your Wirral business must have an appointed first-aider, clear first aid procedural information available to employees, and a suitably stocked first aid kit. These minimum requirements promote the safety of your team members and ensure that your business is compliant with HSE requirements.

2. First Aid Training Helps Save Lives

According to the British Red Cross, 59% of pre-hospital deaths could have been prevented if first aid had been administered correctly. Thus, it’s clear that first aid saves lives and should be a priority for your business.

Employees who have received excellent first aid training can make a big difference when team members are ill or injured. A first aid course will teach you acronyms that help you administer life-saving procedures like CPR, which has proven to save many lives when administered timeously.

You will be able to react immediately by providing essential medical assistance that can reduce a patient’s recovery time, pain, and even prevent temporary or long-term disability.

3. First Aid Can Reduce Pain to Victims of Workplace Accidents

Although first aid training focuses on life-saving, it also teaches essential pain relief techniques. When someone has been injured, you’ll want to prevent the situation from getting worse. For instance, course enrollees will learn crucial medical procedures such as applying a tourniquet that can stem bleeding, reduce discomfort, and ultimately save a life.

An injured employee might even be able to avoid going to A&E if he or she is taken care of right after the accident. Something as simple as knowing how to correctly apply an ice pack can massively reduce an injured employee’s pain.

4. Creates A More Positive Workplace

Every year, UK businesses spend millions of pounds on team building activities to boost employee morale and output. On average, companies spend about £305 per employee on team building activities. These activities are meant to be fun and engaging while promoting skills development.

First aid courses achieve these outcomes while also equipping staff members with life-saving skills that make their office environment more positive and safe. When employers make first aid training available to their employees, they show their teams that they care about their safety and the environment in which they work.

First aid training is interactive and will encourage employees to engage with each other, building stronger relationships that can improve communication skills. This allows for a healthier working environment that will undoubtedly benefit your business.

The first aid training you or your employees will receive can help boost morale, leading to increases in employee productivity.

5. Reduces Workplace Injury

First aid training increases safety awareness among your employees. This awareness prevents injuries as employees will be more knowledgeable about the possible safety risks around them.

When they are more aware of what’s happening around them, employees tend to practice better safety habits. This awareness reduces the number of accidents and injuries that take place in your workplace.

Choose First Aid Training From HABC-Accredited TL Training

Over the last ten years, TL Training has been providing excellent first aid training for Wirral businesses. As part of the TWA Group, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering high-quality and cost-effective effective training programmes suited to a broad spectrum of industries.

Our instructors have years of experience in providing first aid training, and we are accredited by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC). This ensures that your employees receive training that meets HSE standards.

TL Training provides first aid training in Wirral and right across the North West to businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to find out more about our COVID-secure first aid training and how we can provide high-quality first aid training for your workforce.