Emergency Spills Training In Deeside

Deeside is an industrial region in Flintshire, North Wales, named after the River Dee which forms part of the border between Wales and England. This area is part of the larger region known as the Deeside conurbation, which includes towns such as Connah’s Quay, Shotton, and Queensferry. Deeside is known for its heavy industry, particularly steel production; the Shotton Steelworks has been a significant employer and economic driver for the region since the early 20th century. The area also features the Deeside Industrial Park, one of the largest such facilities in Europe, hosting a range of multinational corporations and providing thousands of jobs. Deeside has excellent transportation links, including access to major roadways and proximity to the cities of Chester and Liverpool, enhancing its role as a critical economic hub in North Wales.

Emergency Spill Training Course In Deeside

When chemicals or hazardous substances are being used, there is always the potential for a spillage to occur. Spill training is extremely important so that those involved are able to develop a prevention plan and to become familiar with the steps to take when a spill takes place.

Investment in spill training assists towards ISO 14001 and meets with regulations including Pollution Prevention Guidelines and Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH), it forms part of your Pollution Incident Response Plan.

Our Emergency Spill Training in Deeside, is developed by professionals and is designed to show you how to safely store, use and manoeuvre harmful substances, thus decreasing the risk of a spill. You will gain knowledge on how to effectively use a spill kit on-site and learn the importance of becoming familiar with your emergency plan.

Benefits of attending this course include reducing environmental incidents within the workplace, compliance with environmental legislation and knowing that you can confidently and quickly act in the event of a hazardous spill.

emergency spills training

What Is Covered?

Our emergency spill training course in Deeside covers the following topics:

  • Physical make up of absorbents
  • Relevant legislation and duty of care
  • Personal safety
  • Containment and clean up techniques
  • Storage and handling awareness
  • Site contingency planning
  • Practical use of personal risk assessment
  • Drain sealing techniques
  • Spill exercise

Who Can Take The Course?

This course is suitable for professionals in various roles, including those working with hazardous materials, health and safety officers, environmental specialists, facility managers, supervisors, and anyone with workplace safety and spill response responsibilities.

How Long Will The Course Take?

The course takes approximately 4 hours, with morning and afternoon options for flexibility.

What Qualifications Do I Receive?

After completing the course, candidates receive a certificate valid for three years, with a recommended renewal every 3 years.

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