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Why There’s No Better Time to Train to Become a Forklift Driver

Have you thought about pursuing a career as a forklift driver? The UK economy is currently experiencing a huge shortage of qualified logistics operators because of the convergence of both the COVID-19-pandemic and Brexit.

According to a recent UK industry report, the number of forklift drivers reduced by 21% between 2019 and the end of 2020. To give that figure some perspective, the industry witnessed roughly the same percentage drop over the last decade.

Furthermore, 42% of firms admit to having problems recruiting forklift drivers. The demand won’t slow down any time soon either because of the dramatic increase in e-commerce volume brought about by the pandemic.

However, while there’s never been a better time to become a forklift driver, you can’t just become one overnight.

So, what forklift training do you need to take full advantage of the current skills gap in the market? Below we look at the different forklift truck training courses available in Wirral.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Forklift Driver?

New forklift drivers can enjoy job security and competitive salaries thanks to current market conditions.

The increase in international trade and e-commerce has created a swell of demand within the logistics sector over the last five years. According to recent research, investors are allocating more to UK logistics than ever before. The increase in investment, e-commerce demand, along with the construction of new warehouses, means that forklift drivers can enjoy rock-solid job security.

The increase in demand has also led to more competitive salaries for forklift drivers. Logistics operators are seeing wage increases of up to 25% due to the current shortage of trained drivers.

Forklift drivers now stand to earn between £25,000-£30,000 once they are qualified and have a few years of experience under their belt. Trained drivers who operate specialised vehicles can earn even more and progress with further training.

What Forklift License Do You Need?

There is no official forklift driving license or formal licensing authority, but this does not mean that unqualified forklift drivers. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires that employers create a safe working environment for their employees. The last thing reputable employers want is to risk the safety of their machinery, goods, and staff by allowing untrained forklift drivers onto their facilities.

Consequently, the government has worked with the industry to develop training and certification standards that almost all UK companies adhere to. The HSE have recognised six accrediting organisations you can receive forklift truck training from. The training provider and course you choose should be accredited by at least one of the following organisations:

  • • Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT)
  • • Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)
  • • Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR)
  • • National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS)
  • • Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB)

Why Choose Forklift Training from TL Training?

TL Training is an RTITB-accredited training centre that has provided forklift truck training to businesses across the UK for well over a decade. We offer different types of forklift training for novice and experienced drivers to ensure that they operate the vehicles confidently and safely.

Novice forklift drivers can enrol for either our counterbalance training course or our reach truck and counterbalance training bundle. If you’ve driven forklifts before but have spent time out of the industry, you can take our refresher forklift training course

Experienced forklift drivers who want to advance their careers and specialise further still can pursue a forklift conversion course to add more truck types to their licence. Alternatively, they can become instructors themselves by taking one of our RTITB instructor training packages.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of forklift training, TL Training can help. Contact us, and one of our experienced team members can talk you through your options.