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Why First Aid is Essential in the Workplace

Having qualified first aiders in your workplace is paramount to ensure the safety of your employees and, depending on your organisation, your visiting customers. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 state that every workplace must have an adequate first aider on site. On top of this, the guidelines state that the establishment must keep the relevant equipment onsite to support first aid in a medical emergency.

Despite these rules, there’s still a staggering amount of businesses who don’t seek out accredited training to put this measure in place.

The Minimum First Aid Provision

The provisions you put in place for first aid should be made known to everyone who works for your organisation and should always be accessible. HSE guidelines state the following as the minimum first aid requirements for every workplace:

  • • A suitably stocked first aid kit
  • • An appointed person to take the lead in first aid arrangements
  • • And information for employees about first aid arrangements

Having these measures in place ensures that your workplace is both compliant with HSE law and that it’s committed to keeping its people safe.

Benefits of Workplace First Aid

A 2017 UK survey found that an estimated 621,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work. This overwhelming number stands witness to just how often accidents happen in the workplace, and why it’s important to protect both employees and customers.

Save Lives

Having an on-site first aider has many benefits, the most obvious being that they can respond to the needs of ill or injured employees immediately. Acting in these moments can mean life or death for the victim, especially in severe cases where their condition is critical.

Safety Brings Comfort

Every workplace, no matter how small, will hold some degree of hazard. No matter how safe you think your workplace is, your employees are entitled to feel more secure in the company of a first aider. This added comfort will reassure your employees that they’re cared for and appreciated.

Important things to Note:

Since every workplace is unique, varying establishments will have a different set of requirements when it comes to first aid. For example, an industrial building site is far more likely to encounter regular or serious injuries in comparison to a small office block.

As a result of these differing needs, it is essential that employers carry out a first aid needs assessment.

This considers all workplace hazards, taking into account the size of the workplace, as well as many other relevant factors. Following the conclusion of the assessment, the workplace will gain a comprehensive understanding of what provisions and supplies they’ll need to have in place.

Interested in Giving Your Employees First Aid Training?

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