First Aid Terminology – Part 3

First Aid Glossary

Cuts: A wound caused by a tear or a deep cut into the flesh. Could be minor or major

Cyanosis: This is a bluish discolouration of the skin due to poor circulation or inadequate oxygenation of the blood

Decongestant: A drug that is used to relieve nasal congestion or blockages

Dehydration: When the body has an insufficient level of fluid due to not drinking enough

Defibrillator: Delivering a dose of electrical energy to the heart

Deoxygenated: This is when there is a low level of oxygen in the blood

Diabetes: A disease which the blood glucose or sugars are abnormally high

Dilate: This is when something gets bigger (opposite of contact)

Dislocation: This is when a bone slips out of a joint

Emergency: A serious or dangerous situation that requires immediate action to avoid worsening of a condition. If a situation poses an immediate threat to life, it is considered as an emergency

Epilepsy: A common condition where sudden bursts of activity in the brain cause seizures or fits

Fainting: This may occur when there is a little amount of oxygen supply to the brain, a person may become unconscious for s short period of time

Fracture: This is the medical term for a broken bone. Such injuries will usually require immediate medical attention

Glucose: A medical term for simple sugar that is found in the blood

Graze: Usually, a minor injury removing the top layer of the skin

Heart attack: This is a very serious condition which requires medical attention immediately. When a heart attack occurs, the blood supply to the heart will be suddenly stopped

Haemorrhage: This is another term for bleeding

Hyper: High

Hypo: Low

Ibuprofen: This is an anti-inflammatory drug

Incision: A surgical cut made through the skin or tissue during an operation or procedure

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